Consulting Services: Branding

What we do

SPM Branding Services help you discover and define your brand, then uses a mix of strategy and creativity to convey a clear, consistent message. This process intelligently connects you to your customer for lasting success.

When you need us

If you can’t answer these 5 questions with a definitive ‘yes’, give us a call to learn how we can help you create a unified brand for your business:

  1. Do ALL of your advertising/marketing messages convey the ‘tone’ and mission of your business?
  2. Can you define your brand to a clear, concise statement?
  3. Do you know what your unique position is in your community?
  4. Does your external marketing message match your internal, in-store environment?
  5. If your employees and customers were asked the question about the essence of your business, would they have the same answer?

Why It Matters

A brand is more than just a logo or company color selection for you business. A brand is who you are, how you’re perceived and what you mean to consumers. If you are not sending consistent messages in both external marketing and in-store environment, you are confusing customers.

It is vital that all marketing messages convey the essence of your business in every way possible – design, verbiage, tone, and color usage. Equally important, your in-store experience must match the marketing message sent out. Every day you are either building your brand and creating a connected customer, or you are destroying your brand by confusing your customer

How We Work

SPM Branding Services use a three-step approach to achieve brand success:


What is your business? Who do you serve? How are you viewed by your customers? By those who are not your customers? Why are you different? What is your unique position? In ‘discovering’ your business, we help you identify your essence, refine and define your brand to a clear, concise statement.


SAfter defining your brand, we review all aspects of your business. From your marketing efforts to the way your team answers the phone, we evaluate what you are doing to reinforce your brand as well as areas where you are sending conflicting messages about your brand.


Once a strategy is outlined, recommended marketing tools and practices are implemented. Creative copy, appropriate graphic design and targeted demographic data allow us to connect your brand message with the right customers.

Our Services

Solutions Pet Marketing offers the following areas of service:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Implementation & Design
  • Brand Management